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Aug 5, 2019
hello guys i actually tried all major known emv software that are online
and found out that i paid much also for free public ones and lost too much money on nothing..

i have read a lot and a lot of hate against some good sellers and when i saw and read the posts and compared it with what the seller is publishing i found lots of conflicts that's why i contacted too many too many found that they are scams and too many others found out that they are good but concerning emv research and from old days famous seller i found out emv chipso software , this guy is a the king of this fucking rule , game , i purchased the software after a sum of 13k for like 1 and half year of waiting and summing up..

the guy have got the best software that is really working on pos with any randon pin i put for all 0000 and it gives approve and i m not talking like without showing i have got too many videos and too many poves about this seller , himself also is publishing too many tutorials which really proves that he is a genius so do not trust any one writing bad and writing a post and vanishing against this seller because certainly he is a fucking mother fucker hater , all haters and money eaters likes to bother and kill real seller's game! i recommed even the price is so high but it's worth it.