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Nov 15, 2015
It’s time to present you a guide outlining how to purchase things from Dream Market. Make extra sure that you have entirely read this whole tutorial before diving in – it’s very, very important you fully comprehend each and every step. The following guide is to assist you to purchase, not to sell items. Vending is a wholly other animal which requires much heavier time, effort, and consideration.

The Listing for Dream Market as well as its official onion link are placed here.

Part 1 – Preparing

USE A VPN SERVICE. You can find one here to best suit you, we review the best VPN Services for privacy on the market. Every time you use your computer your IP address is shown which reveals your actual physical address which means you can be traced very easily. A VPN must be used along with Tor (Tor is the free browser explained below) to make your online activity anonymous. When using a VPN Service it will hide your identity and location while also encrypting all of you internet traffic from everyone including your internet service provider. This technology will also protect you from identity theft and hacking when using free wifi because everything is encrypted. Any time you are searching for music, movies to download, pirated content, drugs or anything illegal then you should be using a VPN to fly under the radar. The law is trying to monitor everything we do now so don’t make it easy for them, don’t end up like the original mastermind of Silk Road and get busted. This is a must have in your anonymous arsenal.

===> Read about the best VPN Services for privacy here <===

Your first-ever step in buying something via any marketplace whatsoever, is properly setting-up your digital environment. Following below is a bare standard minimum in order to stay safe when buying personal items. After you are done, make sure you glance at the Security Tutorials sectionfor several additional tips in security.

Tor Browser Bundle


To visit the darkweb, you will need to visit and download what is known as the Tor Browser Bundle, for your current OS. There are plenty of detailed instructions for installing it on its download webpage, for OS X, Windows, even Debian, too.



PGP is an especially useful method of encrypting/decrypting sensitive messages. It’s not very good of an idea to tell a vendor, your home address without first encrypting it, because should the hidden service get seized, LE will have clearly-cut evidence of the crime you have committed. One thought to bear in mind is that not all versions of GPG are created equally, so avoid using GPG methods such as iGolder or those utilizing the BouncyCastle libraries.

This site has long had essential, fundamental guides covering GPG for each and every mainstream OS, Linux, OS X, and then Windows. Linux is the best choice, obviously; however, you will be fine ordering personal goods on either OS X and Windows.



You can’t really buy anything at all, without first owning money, can we now? You’ll need to buy Bitcoin(s), something you can do with paypal or credit cards, find a local Bitcoin ATM machine, or order with fiat cash. Whichever way you buy Bitcoin is completely up to your own preference. Regardless, LocalBitcoin is one of the most widely-popular options for a reason: it can be done anonymously. There’ve also been reports of Coinbase taking ban action against accounts involved in Darkweb Market deposits, so avoid that if you’re able. Secondly, don’t stay connected Tor while purchasing Bitcoin(s), because it is totally legal and buying through Tor often becomes a cumbersome ordeal.



Now that you’ve purchased some Bitcoins, you need to store them somewhere. A particularly great choice is the open-source Electrum Wallet. This is also cross-platform and has a downloadable version for Android phones. Go ahead, download it here. Using the Electrum Wallet is quite easily accomplished.

Part 2 – Some beginning tips

Some beginning tips for new users are laid out, here – some are from personal experiences and others from stories across the web:

  1. Remember to use your birth name and real address, as nothing more than a fake name/address draws such negative attention to mail carriers. They are usually fairly familiar with residents of which houses on any block to which they deliver mail regularly and are obligated to report suspicious packages. You can actually get a P.O. Box for a small enough sum of cash, if you live with people who tend to dig through your snail mail.
  2. If you do end up deciding to use a faux name, ensure you’ve got real-looking document forgeries to back that up, should confrontation occur. Fake identification, plus utility-bill scans are mostly sufficient to open up a P.O. box under said faux name.
  3. Be patient when you can, majority of the time. Dream Market isn’t Amazon or anything like that – things do often suffer through unexpected delays; vendors usually mark ordered items as shipped immediately, even though they only ship the day after that. Weather and holidays can also significantly delay proper shipping timeframes. The only time you should rebutt an order’s shipment after not arriving, is after you have waited at least 14 days, or even when Auto-finalize is about to be activated. There will be more covered on this, later.
  4. Encrypt basically everything, messages and all, which you send. These few several minutes are worth losing out on a long-term incarceration.
  5. Should there be any negative experience with a vendor, try to message them, prior to giving a bad review. Chances are that the vendor will go to extreme lengths to make sure you get what you need, and have it all sorted sufficiently. Be as kind and polite as you can; it will move you farther in the process of getting stuff done.
  6. No one should ever know you make purchases on DNMs. This includes not telling your friends or even your blood relatives.
  7. Laundering the coins with which you pay, using something such asBitcoin Fog or Grams’s Helix is a necessary thing to do, but that is your choice. If you buy personal items, this isn’t required, life or death, and as a result, it won’t be covered in this tutorial.
  8. Anything in the market that looks too great to be true, is, in all probability, a scam.
  9. Never ever, ever Finalize-Early, even with trusted vendors as they, too, sometimes eventually exit-scam.
  10. If and when you are able to, ship domestically as much as possible (from within your own country).
Part 3 – What is Dream Market?

Dream Market is not a new darknet marketplace in the industry, but it is one of the most resilient and long-lasting. It has a satisfactory variety of both drugs as well as digital assets.


  • Administrative competence/survival
  • Simple UI
  • Great Uptime

Part 4 – Creating an account

By now, it is hopeful that you’ve setup the digital tools of the trade, and’ve read through our elementary security tips. To purchase from a vendor on Dream Market, you must have an account. In order to register at Dream Market, use this link: http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=1675

After you have clicked that referral, you’ll be landed onto the page in the image underneath:

It’s time to start filling out the required info in the registration form – note that the captcha is case sensitive. In the ‘Username’ field, opt for anything you haven’t used elsewhere. This is an equally applicable theory to your password and PIN, designed to protect your account as well as its bitcoin wallet from bad guys. Once you’ve input all of the required info, then submitted, write your password and PIN down in an extraordinarily safe location. Now you can visit the marketplace.

Part 5 – Setting up your account

Now that your account has been successfully registered, you should completely set the GPG key up. Click the button labeled your registered username, at the top-right reach of the site.

Optimally, you will want to input your GPG public-key. This will be for communicating.

Part 6 – Choosing what to buy

Now that your buyer-account is properly set-up at last, shopping can take place once and for all.


Searching on Dream Market is really straightforward, and it offers the ability to, quite similar to other markets, filter out FE-enabled listings and narrow down the specified category, etc.

FE vs No-FE

FE (finalize-early) is a procedure by which the vendor can retrieve the payment from any sale without waiting for the escrow, which is designed to make sure you do receive your product, to release funds. It’s quite discouraged in this industry, due to the obvious risks involved. Will you encounter a scam on an FE listing, your funds are undoubtedly not recoverable

Buying from within your own country

Depending on how much risk you are willing to undergo, and how long you are willing to wait to truly receive your shipped order, you can choose a specific “Shipping From” location during the search process. Ordering from “hot” nations, for instance, such as Pakistan, the Netherlands, and even Columbia are much riskier due to known trade practices in those places.

Judging the Vendor

By clicking on the vendor’s name in any listing or while hovering above any search result, you will be brought directly to that vendor’s profile, as displayed above. Each vendor has his or her GPG key listed as well as the feedback they have received thus far. Just remember, a vendor having mostly positive reviews doesn’t make them bulletproof.

Another great way to get a general feel of a vendor’s reliability is to read reviews of them on the marketplace boards. this site’s listing, and/or the usual Subreddit, DarkNetMarkets. You can also the candidate vendor’s reviews on Grams.

Part 7 – Making your order

After you have finally discovered a nicely-looking listing from a vendor of reputation, and are finally ready to start ordering, let’s cover that right now!

Adding funds to your wallet

At the very top of the website, you can see how much bitcoin you have in your balance. The current exchange rates of bitcoin to several fiat currencies are on the side of the website. In order to buy anything, you must of course deposit bticoins into your on-site wallet. Click on the link labeled “Account,” with your zeroed-balance next to it, as seen in the image, at the top-right area of the website.

Be sure to deposit a little more than you plan to spend initially, due to the Bitcoin price’s common fluctuation. Once you have deposited your bitcoin, it takes a few confirmations on the blockcchain to show up in your balance. Be patient, and if it takes unusually too long, contact the staff at this page, as seen below:


Now that you’ve finally deposited some funds, it is time to buy that item you truly want.

In the box labeled as “Amount,” fill out the quantity of said item you are ordering. After you’ve click “Buy,” you should enter your shipping address or other appropriate data in its place (encrypted). Ensure you have filled out everything correctly, and confirm your purchase.

Statuses Explained

To check on the status of your order, click the shopping-cart clip-art at the right-hand side of the site.

Once the vendor marks the order as having been shipped, the item needs to be finalized from this screen:

If your order is not delivered in the appropriate time as mentioned in the listing, circumstances considered, you may dispute the order while it is still inside of Escrow.

If you need marketplace support at any time, contact the staff through this page, as outlined earlier. This is the primary way of getting assistance. Please note that no staff member will ever, at all, request your sensitive details of your account.


If you get something in the postal mail which you do not recognize, don’t simply throw it away, gung-ho. Most vendors have really good stealth which leads to some buyers disposing of their packages, thought to have been spam. Once your package has in fact been successfully delivered, confirm you’ve received your order alright, in the page linked from the shopping-cart clip-art as explained earlier. After you have finally done this, your funds will be released from escrow to the sale’s participating vendor. If you don’t, then you will need to stand-by for Auto-finalize to kick in.

If you happen to not receive what you’ve ordered, or have received it belated, private-message the vendor with whom you have conducted this particular sale. They’re usually very helpful, assuming you stay calm and collective. If one of your encountered issues is not appropriately fixed by that vendor, you should open a new dispute. Once that dispute has been opened, and then you are contacted by a staff member, try to remember that excessively arguing can lose you your dispute case.

If you are satisfied, please remember to leave positive feedback. The most vital component of the darkweb marketplace system is its ratings.

Part 9 – Conclusion

As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be safe in your journey. There is plenty more to learn, but you will be better learning it for yourself. Have fun with safe shopping!


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