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track 1 & 2

  1. J

    Loking for a DUMP (track1 - track2) + PIN supplier LONG term

    Hello, I used to work before with CCV. Now I would like to move on to DUMPS Im already setup with equipment just looking for reliable supplier. What I need is DUMP with tracks 1,2 and also pins. You can contact me: eMail: [email protected] wickr: dkp09 LOOING FOR LONG TERM BUSINESS
  2. johnykash

    Free test Dumps+pin!!!!

    Hi guy's How ever I'm New in this thing like most of u all. So help needed. NEED FREE TEST DUMPS + PIN FOR TESTING MY KNOWLEDGE IN THIS THING AND MAKE SOME EXPERIENCE. so guys a bro needs help THANKS....
  3. frankbins666


    hey guys noob carder here, just wondering if anyone else has use the msr605x magstripe reader/writer. ngot a few questions reguarding how it works i have linux (ubuntu) can seem to get the software to work on my computer. i tried using wine, but wine wont detect the msr usb! any suggestions or...