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  1. S

    What is Carding - Carding guide

    THE BIG QUESTION: WHAT IS CARDING? - Well, characterized freely, checking is the craft of Visa control to get to merchandise or administrations by method of extortion. However, don't let the "PC" meaning of checking stop fool you, in light of the fact that checking is more than that...


    Its time for round 3. Enjoy ;) - you will need to get pass verification (Bill=Bill) - wholesale candy (Bill=Bill) - Suits (Bill=Bill) - Clothing, you will need a non vbv or know the bank logs (Bill=Bill) Trust me...we'll be back for round 4 very...
  3. H

    Help carding

    I recently carded and the order total came out to 400.00. The order shipped but when tried to delivered it say it was refused by recipient. Now I know I didn’t refuse the order so I look into it and notice fedex refused to deliever. Can I get help to find ways around this for next time...
  4. D

    need people in USA to work with

    carding alot of sites and loading prepaid cards . please send me an email if you are in USA and can work with me [email protected]

    Gen Method 2018 - 100% VALID

    YES ITS A REAL THING! Generated carding is live and in action only on certain places of our internet shopping. We have those places. WE'LL GIVE YOU THE FULL METHOD SO YOU CAN GET 100% FREE ITEMS! Pm me and lets talk, dont stay in the dark on this one.
  6. Harambi

    I Need honest reliable workers in ...USA / Canada based...

    Hello Everyone.. I'm a loader.. I can load up some USA / Canada banks accounts.. and also top up credit cards... I need honest and reliable account owners to work long time with... And if u can open a new account with the banks I'd recommend, Then massage me ur contact asap let's talk more...
  7. M

    i need help carding

    can anyone help me with carding