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learn carding

  1. M

    Dumps Basic Info for Noob Carders

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  2. bellagump

    Noobs carding tips

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  3. torbitz

    New on site & carding. Looking for reliable prepaid card supplier.

    Sup everyone torbitz here. New on here and also new to carding. My interests in carding and more so on prepaid cards began when a friend showed me the money he withdrew from an ATM from a prepaid card. Been slowly looking into this to learn and start making money. Would be kick-a$$ to find a...
  4. S

    how to card

    someone help
  5. W

    Carding plan approval?

    Hey, I am new to carding ( never carded before ) and was wondering if this plan would be successful and safe. Plan: 1. Buy a cc from a darknet market place 2. Creating a linux virtual machine 3. Get a vpn (possibly ipvanish taking suggestions) around the same place as the credit card 4. Use...
  6. W

    Learn Carding

    Hi. Any new members here and are interested in carding? direct pm me I have learning materials available for basic carding tutorials and phishing tutorials and more.
  7. A

    How can I start Carding

    What does I need to start Carding?