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  1. Joker Stash

    One Canadian Scammer Arrested In Us Grandma Scams

    A man admitted he laundered more than $800,000 in a “grandparent scam” that fooled U.S. seniors into sending money to young relatives that thought were in trouble, was sentenced Thursday to four and a half years in federal prison. Stephan Moskwyn,33, a Canadian citizen, has been...
  2. Anonymous

    The GM Bot or MazarBot Source Code Leaked

    The very rare GM bot or mazarbot source code that can be bought from over $500 has beenleaked online by an unknown user last december 2015. The source code has been used by hundreds of advanced users for their own reference making it the popular Android Trojan for FREE with complete tutorial on...
  3. Joker Stash

    ebay carding method

    Hello guys, 90% of you all ask me how to card ebay and how did i do it,so i will tell you now how i do it. First delete all cookies. I have that american express database and 70% of that cards are not added on paypal,so i make a paypal account and add it,but it's not that easy. First you...