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    EMV Software trinity 2022

    im glad to offer new emv software custom coded fixed all previous bug and work with much more bin the software include 530 bin and more extra feature also weekly updated more info for trial version contact via pm or you can order from youtube description
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    (X2 2021) EMV Software + ATR Tool 2.0 BUNDLE $50

    (X2 2021) EMV Software + ATR Tool 2.0 BUNDLE ESCROW PROTECTED! NEMESIS MARKET — by TaxEvader @JefferyEpstein (Telegram)...
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    Chipso EMV

    THE NOTORIOUS CHIPSO EMV IS NOW PUBLIC No longer does it cost full price of 10k. Pay only a fraction of retail price and its yours to keep. Fully functional, includes the 2 keys needed for the program to run, manual from original manufacturers, and of course the chipso software itself. All...
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    Emv software & Atm hacking software

    I got the best emv and atm software on here to wotk on dumps witn pin and also to make clone cards as well
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    Teach you how to make bank card

    教你如何制作银行卡我在银行卡行业工作了10多年。我已经开发了签证,万事达卡小程序,POS和支付系统。我还帮助世界上许多银行发行了银行卡,包括签证,万事达卡银行卡等。现在,有些银行仍在使用我开发的脚本发行银行卡。 现在,我开发了一套程序,可以模拟银行卡的发行,并在YouTube上上传演示视频, 我的程序详细介绍了银行的发行过程。如果您有兴趣,请论坛名片教您如何制作银行卡 教你如何制作EMV银行卡 使银行卡软波 telegram @szemver
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    Ask EMV Machine Clone

    I Need Emv machine for clone chip card, not clone magnetic card If you have please email me at thankyou.