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emv chip software

  1. EMVshared

    Daphne EMV Writer Software for sale (shared license)

    I have for sale EMV Writer Software Daphne EMV Tool v2.0 with shared license(max 10 users) The software price by official website is 10.000$ but i can sell for 2.500$ with shared license(max 10 users) Daphne EMV Tool v2.0 is able to Read/Write/Duplicate/Delete Any EMV Chip...
  2. J

    Emv software & Atm hacking software

    I got the best emv and atm software on here to wotk on dumps witn pin and also to make clone cards as well
  3. D

    emv card writer

    hello guys i actually tried all major known emv software that are online and found out that i paid much also for free public ones and lost too much money on nothing.. i have read a lot and a lot of hate against some good sellers and when i saw and read the posts and compared it with what the...