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cloning card

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    Decoding WAV software

    Hello everybody I need a software which decodes wav audio files dumps to ascii ( text) in order to get track2. I have found a software but it works with only specific audio decoder and I don't know if it works with every skimmer's model. If someone could help me, it'd be great
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    Audio decoding Aisr010

    Hello I have got a software which is compatible with Aisr010 recorder and I can easily get track2 from wav file. I would like to test or help you guys in getting dumps from your sound files. I'd like to get a universal software decoder but it worths a lot and I did not find anything for free...
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    I need a POS skimmer with USB cable and software

    I need a POS skimmer with software and USB cable. I need seriously somebody who works honestly because I do not want to get ripped off. Please contact me asap.