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    New CC Provider - Review On them

    Bought one CC it was valid, never heard of them are they new. Simple Solutions CC Joker's Stash PayPal Loading Carding Inc Silk Road
  2. C

    Cashout ATM's, Shops...

    not newbie, have done high value shopping, jewellery, watches, laptops... in Asia right now but can travel loaded, got good cover story... have access to MSR, loooking for good data with pin, ID's... age and appearance high value appropriate, relaxed, cool and disciplined... looking for partners...
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    Looking for coach/partner.

    I'm looking for a coach for carding and cashing out . I'm good with proxy / vpn/rdp/socks , i get myself cc and fullz but i dont really know how to cash out. If you are willing to help me , we both earn something if i show improvements