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    POS skimmer Verifone 670 with USB cable and software

    Hello everyone, i want to buy a pos skimmer with all the equipment required ( USB cable and software ) . I am ready to pay you an amount between 200$ and 300$ in BTC or ETH as you wish! I am ready to deal as long as you'll send me your POS and equipment and after you provided me a good support...
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    POS SKIMMER for sale

    We sell POS Skimmer. We have Verifone POS Skimmer modes but you can also order other models and we will see if we have it in stock POS Skimmer's details Gsm Reader Inside Cover original POS Battery autonomy 96 hours Send Trak 1 Trak 2 Trak 3 and PIN Numbe PRICE: 1585€ We will ship...