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    CutletMaker 1.0 F w/ C0DECALC & Stimulator

    CutletMaker 1.0 F First buyer get it for 0.0025 btc / 0,35 xmr ..after that it will cost 0.0225 btc / 3,5 xmr // XMR is preferred, therefore, a bit cheaper // The Package contains three main files: 1. CutletMaker - which is the main app used to internact w/ atms api 2. Stimulator - get the...
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    Cashout ATM's, Shops...

    not newbie, have done high value shopping, jewellery, watches, laptops... in Asia right now but can travel loaded, got good cover story... have access to MSR, loooking for good data with pin, ID's... age and appearance high value appropriate, relaxed, cool and disciplined... looking for partners...
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    Atm malware

    If someone is interested at buying ATM malware for cashouting all the cassetes can contact me or write his jabber under the post.